Information for Practitioners

Referrals for a private ultrasound scan.

If your GP feels your treatment is clinically necessary, they will refer you for a private scan and ask for a referral to us for specialist treatment.

This is because your medical records are held by the GP surgery, and this referral will give permission to pass over your records, and any recommendations for previous health history or treatments.
If you ask your GP to refer you to a specialist, they will look at various options available to you, and generally, you cannot self-refer to a specialist.

A specialist will only see you with a letter of referral from your GP. However, it is possible for you to access our services as a private patient. There is on-going pressure on our national health service, which naturally causes delays in appointments, which in turn increases waiting times. Choosing private care is an option you may want to consider to get your scan appointment quicker.
The referral letter will give the sonographer the essential background information, such as your medical history, and it will also contain details that the specialist needs to pay particular attention too.
When doctors write to each other about your care, they should aim to give you a copy of their letters or emails, if they do not, it is possible for you to request this.